Five Modernistic Pool Water Features Ideas You’ll Wish Had In Your Pool

Five Modernistic Pool Water Features Ideas You’ll Wish Had In Your Pool

Swimming pool water features bring the “wow” factor that makes a pool stand apart and enhance the overall view of an aquatic treat. The best part of water features; during swimming pool renovation you can easily upgrade to a new one, add combo, or multiple features to change the look for your pool. 

When it comes to selecting a perfect water feature during the construction or renovation of the swimming pool every owner faces the dilemma due to endless options. At Xecutive Pools, we always propose in trend water features to give a fresh look to the poolscape. Below are modernistic pool water features ideas you may consider. 

5. Spa Spillover

Negative edge spa spillover

A spillover water feature is a relatively simple and classic design element that requires a spa and pool combination. Spillover spas display the elegance and class of your backyard in front of your guests. Spillover Spa working; Water spills directly into the pool from the hot tub through the spa ledger which could be the normal or negative edge. Depending upon your budget you can select stone or tiles of the ledger or ledgers, along with the style, and shape.

4. Rain Fall Curtain

Imagine the sweet music of raindrops while relaxing in your pool. Rainfall curtain usually mounted on a wall, overhang, or pergola roof and falls into your pool or patio. Rain curtains consist of a trough to collect the water and the whole set up runs like a closed-loop system. This outstanding water feature improves the outlook of the poolscape. Rain curtains often budget-friendly and easy to maintain without spending huge bucks. 

3. Deck Jets

Deck Jets with Colorful lights

Deck jets are the most entertaining water feature which brings fun and excitement to your poolscape. Basically,  A complete set up of deck jets comes with 4 jets of  2 ½” in diameter each along with deck cover plates and testing plug. Deck Jets projects shimmering arcs of water from the deck into the pool or hot tub. The Deck Jets fits in any combination, any pool size or shape, or even with the spa. Deck jets create mesmerizing water effects in both day and night time. This cost-effective water feature could be adjusted to suit any kind of event or mood. 

2. Waterfall Spillways

Waterfall spillways

The waterfall spillways are the most modernistic and versatile water feature to your swimming pool. A spillway functions as a loop, barriers present in the inside of the system works as a diffuser and creates a smooth stream of water. Spillways come in various sizes, colors, material options, and installation ideas. Depending upon your ongoing pool renovation you can have single or multiple spillways to enhance to beauty of your pool. A smoothly flowing water stream can steal the attention of your guests at very first sight.      

 1. Fire and Water Bowls

fire and water bowls

Fire and water bowls are the topmost eye-catching water feature on the list. The combination of fire and water look exceptional and gives modern imagery to your swimming pool. There are various types, sizes, and material options of bowls to select from. Whether it’s daytime or dusk, the combination of fire and water creates tranquility and harmony in your backyard.

A perfect pool water feature addition could change the entire look of the poolscape. Feel free to take inspiration from our Gallery of recently completed projects. 

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